If someone pledges, do they gain access for the rest of the current month only, or for a full month after the pledge?

Hello! I thought I’d make a post in case other people had the same question.

If someone joins my Patreon, say on the 20th of the month, are they only able to view the Patron only posts/content until the end of the current month (July 20th-July 31st), or for a whole month after their pledge (July 20th-August 20th)?

I offer an exclusive gallery for my Patrons to view, and need to know how to advertise the feature as a reward.

I would prefer to have it be a month after initial pledge if possible, to avoid patrons joining late and only gaining access for a few days.

Any help appreciated :slight_smile:

That should be for the current billing period - ie until the end of the month.

So in this example, only from July 20th-July 31st?

I’m new to billing and subscriptions and want to ensure I use the correct terminology.

Yes, probably that would be the case.

Understood, thank you!

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