Patreon tiers - before payment taken, access to locked content?

Sorry if this has been asked before, but if i’m concerned about what happens when someone signs up to a certain tier in Patreon, but BEFORE any money has been taken. Are they regarded as an ‘active’ patron at this point? In other words, would they be able to access any content that is locked to that tier (and below)?

Or does Patreon and the plug-in know the difference between patrons who are ‘active’ (money taken) and ‘inactive’ (money not yet taken) patrons? i know i can specify an amount that must have been paid before they can access the content, but i’d just like to make it available only to ACTIVE patrons, i.e. not until money has been taken.

i hope this is clear!

That would happen if the creator is not charge up front. The patron pledges, therefore is considered a valid patron and has access. Patron isnt charged until 1st of next month.

If the creator is charge up front (CUF), then the patron is immediately charged and naturally has access.

Such info can be obtained from patron’s pledge, campaign’s CUF - non-CUF status etc.