Patrons can access content before paying?

Am I understanding this correctly?

This plugin allows access to content immediately after a Patreon signs up? Even if they haven’t been charged anything yet?

Am I misunderstanding the fundamental purpose of this product? Isn’t the purpose of this plugin to enable Patreon patronage as a paywall for premium content?

If so, doesn’t it seem incredibly unintuitive for a paywall to give away the keys to access premium content without checking to make sure the user actually paid for said content?

How does this enable me to extend the Patreon experience to my website if it can’t even get the fundamental purpose right? What am I missing?

seriously? the plugin doesn’t verify whether somebody paid or not?

When i used the discord integration it would grant roles before charging people too, so I just switched it to charge new people right away rather than at the end of the month.

If you turn on ‘charge upfront’ in your Patreon account, anyone who pledges to see content will pay before being allowed.

If you dont have that turned on, the plugin will behave like Patreon, and allow anyone who pledges you the required amount to get access.

Basically plugin imitates the behavior of your Patreon account.