Is Patreon right for my usecase?


I am an experienced software developer and have a math website in Eastern Europe, and I currently use Adsense to monetize it.

I am planning to launch a pro version, which could have some features like:

  • removing ads from the website
  • remove watermarks from the images
  • adding content accessible only for pro users

Can I do this with Patreon? Can Patrons donate me a monthly fee, and in exchange for that they would have access to the pro version?

Is there anything I should pay specific attention for this type of scenario?


What kind of app/CMS do you use for your website?

Yes, all of this is possible with Patreon, do keep in mind that the plugin availability is low though. So you might need to write the API connection from the ground up.

Thanks for the answer.

I am not using a specific app/cms. I can implement everything on my side if the Patreon API supports this.

How would this work? Would my users login to my website using their Patreon login?

A similar question was asked before, you may find this thread helpful: Advice on Supporting a Community Website via Patreon

There are people doing this with Patreon, e.g: Seriallos has more than 10,000 patrons who unlock benefits on his website Raidbots.

If you just go with WordPress and our official plugin, you dont need to implement anything. And you can get going like in ~30-45 minutes or so.

Elegant Themes has a great guide/review which explains how to get started.

You can then modify your installation in any particular way you need using relevant plugins from WP repository.