Is there a Tutorial I can send my Customers to?

Does anyone have a tutorial or troubleshooting guide written up that I can link and or copy to refer to my users when they can’t figure out the Patreon/wordpress combo?

My problem is I don’t even really know what my customers experience, so I can’t really help them with their problems, but I have at least 2-3 customers a week that join Patreon and find themselves unable to log in and read my wordpress posts.

Things that could be wrong is they use a privacy mode on their phone, or they deactivated cookies, or disable javascript, or some other things. One of the problems is for some people, it logs them out EVERY post, so they have to manually relog in every chapter (I release books with locked chapters)

I actually lose a few customers every month BECAUSE this system gives them problems. Having a place to refer them to fix those problems would really be nice.

You can check your site from a patron’s perspective by creating a patron account with a different email and having it pledge to your creator account from $1. Then you can test your site by posting a $1 test post, and trying to unlock it.

We currently dont have a document written from the patron’s perspective, but that is a good idea. Ill look into it.