Patreon back to not signing people in

My Patrons report they started getting this error since today and can’t sign in. I’ve tried rolling back to an earlier date twice and it did not solve it.

I am getting the same error also since today.
Did you manage to fix it?
My patrons are going crazy! We need a solution fast!

Yes, i am getting the same issue with my site as well. Earlier i thought it was the refresh token changing by itself that’s causing the issue so i imputed thew new token info to my site and it actually won’t update too. Saying there’s a connection issue with the server and patreon…

Same here, is down. I don’t think there’s anything we can do but wait.

Someone found a solution!! and I added the file info you need to change to fix the wordpress plugin.

This issue was resolved on API side at Patreon - you dont need to make any changes to your plugins (or other apps) and if you have, you can revert them to have them working normally.