Issues updating to newest plugin version

I’m having issues updating to the newest Pro plugin version.

I have an active subscription but when I put the license key in to renew it says “License not valid. Please correct and try again.”

When I click the link in the update prompt inside of WP “A new version of Patron Plugin Pro is available! Please update your plugin to benefit from security fixes, bug fixes and new features. To update your plugin, click here.” on this prompt it leads to a page that just says “The link you followed has expired. Please try again.”

Any suggestions on why this might be happening?

If I re-download the plugin, deactivate the current one, and reinstall will it delete all of my current settings? I have a website where this plugin is gatekeeping all of the content on various pages, I really don’t want to reset up everything and I definitely don’t want to do this every time there’s a new update.

License not valid means your Pro license is either not saved in WP Admin → Patron Pro → Addons, or it expired.

First, you can try saving your license in the above location. You can access your licenses and downloads from “Your Codebard Account” (in the menu links) at

If your license is expired, you should be able to renew there. If you arent able to do that, you can just let me know and Ill look into it.

I ended up downloading the newest version of the plugin and installing it. Everything seems to be working as expected except the license is still saying “License not valid. Please correct and try again.”

I just renewed my license yesterday so it’s definitely not expired.

Can you open a ticket at so I can look into this?