Linking to new Discord Server- this possible?

Hello there!

I have 38 patreons on my public discord server of nearly 3K, and we’ve decided our needs will be better met on our own, private server. I’ve created the new server and would like to have the integration applied to the new server.

My question is can I do this and have all the roles automatically assign without any trouble to my existing patreons? What I’m hoping for is a seamless transition for them (they just need to be on the server, I switch the integration and the roles are assigned).

Is this possible?

Hey @CubsFanHan,

Nick here from the Patreon platform team.

These forums are more geared towards assisting developers with utilizing the Patreon API and I think you’ll be better served by working with the Patreon Community Happiness team.

hey can be reached by submitting a note to