Sharing Patreon posts in a Discord channel

In one of the Discord servers I am in for a Patreon creator I support, we are looking at potentially having a bot that shares a link to a new Patreon post (each are only accessible by certain Patreon tiers) every time the creator creates one that tags the appropriate tier/Discord role (i.e. @ tier 2: New post on Patreon! {Title}: {link here}).
We would want this to work in a similar way to other bots that provide this functionality for YouTube and podcasts, and would possibly be combining everything (YT, Twitch, podcasts and Patreon) into one bot.
Would this be possible to create using the Patreon API? We would need to get the post title, link and the tiers that can access it.
Thanks in advance!


Iā€™m very disappointed that such a basic feature is not supported by Patreon, it almost looks like an intended constrain.