Unofficial Discord Discussion Server

TL;DR: Come talk about Patreon API/OAuth/webhooks/integrations in Discord (in an unofficial capacity)

Invite link:

I’ve set up an unofficial Discord server to talk about Patreon Development. If you’re not aware of it, Discord is a real-time chat/voice platform (similar to Slack and others) that can be super useful for real-time discussions about anything.

I had looked around for a Discord server related to Patreon Development but hadn’t come across anything so I went ahead and set one up!

Conduct is expected to largely match Patreon’s Guidelines - be respectful, no hate speech, spamming, illegal activity, etc.

I’m particularly familiar with several aspects of the API as I use it extensively in my own project. I also run my own Discord community for my project and am involved in many others so I’m generally familiar with both running a Discord server as well as developing for Discord.

Come join! Hopefully it’s a useful extension for the Patreon dev community! :smiley:


Bumping this as it’s been a while. This Discord server is still going and we have one Patreon Dev who hops in with answers from time to time.

Heads up: the invite has expired.

Looks like it should work?

If not, here’s a piping fresh invite link: