Members out of patreon not able to view content

I have some members that are from before Patreon and after adding patreon the’ve not been able to view the patreon content even though in the back end they are all listed as “subscribers” the only difference I can see is that some of them have a patreon account linked with their normal one and my older members don’t. Is there some work around for this? Don’t want to limit access for my older members just because I added patreon to the site.

WP 6.5.3 with PHP 8.1.27
Patreon WordPress 1.8.9 with API v2

Any WP site user who can access your Patreon-gated posts must have a linked Patreon account.

If you are using Paid Memberships Pro, you can gate your content both with PMP and Patreon and both local members and Patreon members should be able to access it.