Nofollow attributes on links w/in posts

Sorry for what’s likely a 100% dumb question, but links in my posts all apparently have nofollow attribute in HTML, which is not helpful for SEO at all, at all.
The “friendly Patreon support” crew have said “go to Developer community” vs actually addressing/solving my problem, so here I am.

Issue, from view-source on my latest post:

a href="[Suntra Modern Recovery - Concierge Treatment and Rehabilitation Programs For Successful People with Substance Use Disorders](\)" rel=“nofollow noopener” target="_blank"

Anyone have any suggestions/fixes?

Is this in Patreon itself, on a wordpress site, or on your own application?

If this is at, it cannot be helped here. Links inside Patreon posts at are managed by Not the api or your own website. If that’s the case, you must re-contact helpdesk and tell them that this involves