Patreon Addon Deletes Header Image

I just implemented this addon in my first post. However, now that I have done that somehow my header image wont show up on the blog page. It works fine on all other pages. My site is seoulinspired(dot)com. I have made sure that the image wasn’t accidentally pay-walled and I am certain it’s not. I don’t know how to get it to show again though! Thank you.

Its very likely that your theme is passing the image or header content or something relevant through the_content filter.

Does the header image disappear in every page, or just from on top of locked pages?

I made one post Patreon only (on the blog page) and that is the only page that the header does not appear on. Every other page it works as normal.

This is definitely due to the header image passing through the content filter then. Do you have experience in editing plugin files?

You can try the latest package linked below. Deactivating & deleting the existing plugin and then installing this from the zip file is the procedure.