Patreon Admin Notification Won't go away

Hi there,
I connected the WP plugin but this notification (see below) in WP-Admin keeps:

  • appearing on everypage
  • popping back up despite closing with ‘X’

Your Patreon client details were successfully saved!

Patreon WordPress is now ready to go and your site is connected to Patreon! You can now lock any post by using the “Patreon Level” meta box in your post editor!

Any help much appreciated,

If you have opcode caching at your server this may happen. If you are able to clear opcode cache, that may help. Also if you have a caching plugin and you have set it to very aggressive, that could also cause it.

Though, your site may have lost connection to Patreon as well. Try unlocking a $1 post at your site using a test patron account.