Patreon and Discord OAuth conflict

Good day

I’m looking to set up Discord and Patreon OAuth to allow users to login and authenticate with those two options, i went with the Wordpress Patreon plugin to allow locking of content per Patreon rank and OAuth plugin from mini orange for Discord, how ever there seems to be a conflict if the Patreon plugin and discord plugin both allow user creation, Patreon plugin does not seem to be able to authenticate.

Authentication is not working when logging in.
The account is created on the wordpress site and the information is filled in however the user receives an error message.

Application not configured.

This behavior is only present when a SSO OAuth plugin is activated.

OAuth Single Sign On – SSO (OAuth client)

I’ve also reached out to Miniorange to determine where a fix might be applied

This is likely something that is due to all your oAuth apps requiring configuration in the OAuth Single Sign On plugin. It seems this plugin captures all oAuth returns, and since PW doesnt seem to be configured in that plugin’s settings, it is just ending up with an error message.