Patreon Login button: how ot move it in a different positon?

I am using Patron PRO plugin, but I guess the default login button that appears in WP login form is displayed by the normal “free” Patron plugin.

Currently, it doesn’t look good along my Nextend plugin social buttons.
Any hooks to move it below the “login” WordPress button at least?

I am not a coder but with some code suggestions and ChatGPT I am usually able to solve these little things by myself.

Thanks for any help

Two hooked actions in the code (login_form and register_form) queue the form.

You can remove those actions in your own plugin and then immediately requeue them with the display order that you want.

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Thanks! I think I understand 50%, let’s see if the AI can take me there :wink:

Are you saying I need to hack the code of my Patreon plugin to make this work?

No - just do a search on wordpress action hooks.

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