Patreon plugin desktop version – mobile version

Hi, Patreon plugin makes my homepage website show mobile version on desktop. Any upcoming fix or workaround to solve this? I rely on plugin for locking posts and can’t deactivate it. Thanks.

How did you determine that Patreon WordPress was the plugin which had this effect?

It happens since I installed it. I deactivated all plugins and reactivated them one by one and determined it was caused by Patreon Wordpress.

What other plugins do you have on your site?

Usual ones: Wp Rocket, Rank Math, Regenerate thumbnails, garbage collector… Never had this problem since I installed Patreon for Wordpress. Neither do I have this problem when I deactive it.

Can you disable all other plugins for a test and leave PW and see if the speed situation stays the same?

It’s not a speed situation but a mobile version on desktop situation. I disabled all plugins and it’s caused by Patreon plugin.

So how do you view the mobile version of your site on desktop?

Same as mobile but bigger. I’m afraid like you’re assuming that I’m stupid, but I’m not… And I don’t think it’s that difficult to understand, honestly. Patreon for Wordpress is the faulty plugin —I know that for a fact— that makes my site show its mobile version on desktop.

We have to ask such questions because there is no telling what could cause something in between different environments.

For example, as of now, we dont have any other information than that the plugin slows your site when you view it in a mobile view but in your desktop. That’s not enough information to act on to even start looking for a cause, leave aside provide a solution.

So we have to ask more questions and have you do tests to narrow on something. Otherwise variables are too many to consider.

Do you experience the same thing when you view your site from a mobile device? Do you experience the same when you view your site in a normal browser in your desktop?

Then again, I never said anything about speed, as I stated before. I said Patreon for Wordpress makes my site show (not SLOW) mobile version on desktop. When I view it on a mobile phone, I get the right one, mobile version. In my desktop, and others, same result on Chrome, Brave and Safari.

Are you using AMP plugins?

Nope, I’m not using any amp plugin.

How do you serve 2 different versions of your site? Does your theme have a mobile version it automatically serves or is it done through another plugin?

It’s served by the theme. Most of WP themes serve its own mobile and responsive version without the need of any plugin.

Do you have a caching plugin installed?

As I said before, WP Rocket.

Can you temporarily switch to a different theme and check if the situation changes?