Patreon to Wordpress import > all posts have current date + no comments/likes

Hi, I’ve imported the Patreon posts to my WP blog almost without issues. It’s a shame the API doesn’t allow for featured images to be imported yet… that would’ve saved me a lot of work.

I am assuming that the date of the original post should be imported correctly though. When importing my previous posts yesterday, they all got the date “feb 2nd”. I posted something new to Patreon this morning, and that got imported with feb 3rd without issues. Is there any way to re-import the posts with the correct dates? Otherwise I have to go back through about 65 posts to correct everything.

Also, is it possible to import the comments or likes from Patreon as well? The website looks so empty now, even though I already have some interaction going on at the Patreon.


PW will use the date in which the post is posted to WordPress as opposed to using the date the post was posted to Patreon.

Comments and likes are currently not possible to import.

Alright, that’s too bad. Thanks for your quick response.

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You could use WP filters and hooks to check if a post is coming from Patreon and modify the date at the time of posting.

But logically that doesnt make sense because if the post was published at Patreon earlier, and published WP at a later date, the WP post must show its actual posting date for consistency. (internal consistency, seo etc).

You could implement a field to show the original posting date of the post (the one at Patreon) in your WP post. Ie, say “Originally published on date at Patreon” etc.

I mostly want to sync the Patreon feed I already have with the website. Having 60+ posts on feb 2nd and only then the weekly posts from when the whole feed was already synced just looks a bit sloppy imo.Guess I’ll go the manual route!

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