💡 Patreon WordPress locking options guide

I am using “WP Media Manager Lite” to have a folder structure in my Media library. But I deactivated all Plugins except for the Patreon plugin in one try and it still did nothing.
(PS: I can lock posts perfectly fine. The problem really only occurs when trying to lock files in the Media Library)

Any plugin that changes the structure of the media folder in ways that WP does not do by default could cause issues with image locking. The plugin relies on the attachment being identifiable via standard WP functions and manipulate images through those functions. If those dont succeed in doing that, it would flop.

Give a try to reverting your WP to default media folder structure without that plugin - or you can alternatively set up a duplicate of your site in some random domain without that plugin and test if the locking works with your images. (You may have to set up the plugin at that domain for the second time).

I did deactivate that plugin when testing. Did once again, and uploaded a new image after deactivating it which I tried to lock. So, that one is not touched by the plugin in any way and the Plugin is not active → doesn’t work :(.

If the plugin changed the media folder structure already, deactivating it wont revert it back. If you deactivate it, then upload a new image, and test image locking on it, that may provide some pointers. But old images should have been sorted by that plugin already so its unlikely that they may work.

Which is exactly what I did.
One question: You speak of Image locking which is something special in your plugin correct? I’m talking about using the same UI there is to lock a whole post in my Media Library (since that UI it is displayed there). I do not have the checkbox Imagelock active in the plugin, as I think it’s only something to lock an image within a post or page.
→ Are we talking about two different things? Or do I need to activate Image locking for the Media library UI to work?

I do not have the checkbox Imagelock active in the plugin

That is what enables image locking. Without that on, the interface in your media library wont work.

Okay. I did activate that checkbox now. Deactivated ALL plugins except the Patreon one, uploaded a NEW image to my media library and tried to add a Tier lock. Still the same result: No Patreon lock parameters are saved to the image, and the combo box resets to Everyone($ exact). [No Errors in the Browser Console]

I’ve found this error request here: How to use image locking feature in Patreon WordPress plugin - #12 by elioscipioni
I seem to have the same problem. But there is no solution found in that post either.
Anyway, I just read there, that locking will not work for PDF or ZIP anyway, though that was 2 years ago. Does the locking only work for images or has this been extended by now? (Note that I did try with an image, but if it does not work for PDF and Zip I don’t think I’m interested in this feature anyway, even if it did work).