Patron Wordpress Plugin and Nextgen Plugin Keeps Reloading

So far the wordpress plugin seems to be working great but when we try and add a photo gallery to our wordpress site using NextGen, which is one of if not the most popular image plugins for Wordpress… it keeps refreshing the nextgen plugin over and over.

If the Patreon wordpress plugin is deactivated and I go to add a post, the nextgen plugin works perfect but if the Patreon plugin is active and I try and create a post, it simple keeps refreshing the page over and over.

When I google “wordpress nextgen keeps refreshing” it comes to several posts about people with this issue where disabling a recently added plugin seems to solve the issue.

Like I said, I disable patreon’s plugin and nextgen works.

NextGen is the best image gallery plugin out there, and my php settings have all been increased massively so it’s not that. Any ideas?


I am buying the Pro version from Codebard - fingers crossed! If I had known about the pro version i’d have tried that first

I also addressed this in the ticket you posted at CodeBard - this may be a cookie issue at your site (having mixed urls http:// https:// going along with secure cookies etc) or a cookie domain issue.

But im going to check out the situation with nextgen plugin.

Do you know yet what is causing this? I just installed the Patron plugin and have encountered the same issue. I have troubleshooting experience, and no cookie issue exists. Only way to stop the refresh is to disable the plug-in.

I contacted NextGen tech support, and they’re looking into this.

Meanwhile, I have to disable the plug-in to update my galleries and albums.

Did the Pro version solve this issue?

Please check out Patreon WordPress 1.2.0 Beta and let us know that if it fixes this problem.

The behavior continues. Not as bad, but it still refreshes after a few seconds, not long enough to actually add galleries or images to a gallery.

That’s interesting. Ill take a note of this and check it out before next release if possible.

I wasnt able to reproduce this on a fresh test site.

  • Are you using image featurs (is the enable image features checkbox in Patreon settings enabled?)

  • Which web host are you hosting your site at?