Persistent invitation to rate the plugin, how do I get it away?

Hey there, no matter how many times I click the link or hit the ‘x’ it comes back with every page load, any idea how to get rid of this full time?

I’ll send that feedback to the developer and see what we can do to make sure that doesn’t keep showing up (and that we fix the typo in there). Thanks!


Awesome thanks!

I also noticed all the images on my site were broken recently, and came back when I disabled the Patreon app. I disabled and re-enabled the app today and so far it’s all working again. Thought you should know in case it comes up again with anyone else :slight_smile:

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The persistent notice is a bug which was fixed recently. You may deactivate + delete his 1.1.1 and reinstall 1.1.1 again. Then it will be dismissable until the next update.

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I’m curious about the image problem… did that happen when you installed the plugin or after some other action? @codebard do you have any idea what might have caused that and if other creators are experiencing the same problem?

@buster Its unlikely to have that problem after update to 1.1.1, but it is possible that htaccess code remaining from 1.1.0 may have kicked in until WP permalink rules refreshed - if the automatic refresh failed. This could happen at some hosts or with certain configurations, even if it should be rare.