Plugin shows minimum pledge of hidden tier not current minimum

My Patreon has a hidden $2 Early Bird tier for my first supporters but current minimum tier to access exclusive content is $7.

Problem is that the plugin now shows that the minimum pledge to access is $2. But that tier is full and not accessible to new users. The real minimum pledge is now $7.

Screenshot 2020-09-26 212145

Is there a way to make the plugin show the right amount of $7?

If you change the tier to $7 from dropdown, doesnt it change the tier for which the content is locked?

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Yes, that kind of is the problem. XD

If I set to the plugin to $7 is lock the “early bird” supporters out. The “early bird” supporters are still entitled to the content. But their $2 tier is hidden and full. The only way to unlock the content now is the $7 tier.

So what I’d want the plugin to do is let the “early bird” supporters in but display “pledge $7 to unlock”.

Is there a solution to this?

Are you on Lite plan or higher at

@Intravenus_Project Are you on lite plan at ? Or, are you on founder’s plan? Did you ever change your plans (ie upgrade/downgrade)?

I’m on a founder’s plan. :slight_smile:
Never changed it.

Can you again try refreshing your tiers manually by clicking the refresh button next to tier dropdown in post editor?

Hm, can you tell me if the plugin even supports what I want it to do?

From a certain point of view it works correctly. The entry barrier is “Early Bird Supporter” so it display the dollar amount of that tier.

Is it built in a way that it detects that this tier is hidden now? Does it have the logic that it displays the dollar amount of the next available tier then?

There isnt any built in way to detect hidden tiers or tiers with quotas, sorry.