Access for lower, retired (unpublished) tiers

I have four main tiers: $3, $10, $17, and $25. The $10 and $17 tiers have since been retired (unpublished), though I still have original patrons at those levels who get the same benefits as the $25 tier. However, if I make a post via the Wordpress plugin available to $10 and up patrons and a new potential patron clicks on it, it takes them to Patreon and has them sign up at the $3 tier (presumably since the $10 tier is no longer available). Preferably, they should be signing up at the $25 tier to gain access.

My question is whether there is a way to make posts available to old (unpublished), lower tiers, while requiring new subscribers to sign up at the current higher tier?

If you click ‘advanced’ in Patreon Level menu, then enter a $ value that matches those tiers, the plugin should check for that amount of patronage, even if it was from a lower tier that was unpublished. Give a try and let us know it works.

Hello, it doesn’t work. It allows new patrons to sign up at that lower tier using a custom pledge. I want to be able to grant access to people on the lower, retired tiers, without allowing new patrons to sign up at that level.

Right, exact tier matching currently is not supported unfortunately. But you can try getting around that by calculating how much historical pledge would those patrons from those tiers would have by now (ie, over 2 years, they would have paid $100 to you in total etc), and set it as the historic pledge value when locking the post. Then, if you lock that post for a very high $ tier amount, then only new patrons from high tiers or patrons who have historically paid $100 to you could access that content.

An alternative is setting the ‘active patrons only’ value. That allows only patrons who were patrons at the time which the content was posted. If you match the post date to the date at which the tiers were retired, that would allow only those who were patrons at or before that date to access that content. Newer patrons could not be able to access it no matter what.