Post Management & Notifications

It would be nice if there’s a way to manage multiple posts at the same time or at least having the ability to change the tags on multiple posts. When I was super new to using Patreon as a creator, the tags I used was too general. As my content became more diverse, I have to go back and edit my old posts so that my new or potential patrons could easily find specific parts of my content.

On a side note, I feel like there could be a better way manage how your notifications work for creators you followed or pledged to. Atm it’s kinda the same problem I have with post management. When I wanna edit the posts that I wanna see from multiple creators, I have to edit them all one by one per creator.

Would be nice to have to just tick the creators you want to edit and then just pick out what you want to see from them rather than having to go through them by rows manually in the settings.

I’d suggest the same solution for post management as well.