Protect Multiple Webpages using Wordpress Patreon Plugin

How can I go about protecting a section of my website namely 2 or 3 webpages using the Patreon Plugin. I would like only Patrons who signed up with Patreon to be able to access this section.

You just find the ‘Patreon level’ metabox in the list of metaboxes when editing that page/post, and then set a tier from the dropdown by choosing the tier which you want the page/post locked for. Thats it.

I am using the Free version of the Plugin if that matters…and I have only one tier in Patreon… will I be able to block pages in this configuration? I don’t see a setting for that.

It does say this…but doesn’t do anything
“Gate this content for the below amount. Patreon will default it to $5, but your patrons can enter a custom amount while pledging at Patreon”

Also I was checking my Patreon connection and was unable to disconnect the plugin from Patreon and reconnect it… it kept saying ‘try later’ that seemed odd to me

I see one problem… this doesn’t work with oxygen plugin for wordpress

If you are unable to disconnect a site from Patreon and reconnect it, either your connection was lost, or, you have more than one site connected to Patreon so you will have to connect that particular site manually by creating an app for it at the below page and c/ping its details to plugin settings: