Relationship manger / CSV export broken

Anyone else having issues with the relationship manger / CSV export currently?

If I filter by ‘Paid’ I only get one member showing. With no filters the lifetime support column is empty for all users apart from the one member that shows when you filter by paid.

My account has only been going for a couple of months but we have had 60+ members support each month with processed payments, yet none of the data from two months+ is showing.

I have contacted support, but they don’t seem to understand the issue fully.

Had a response from Patreon support:

I was able to reproduce the same issue you described, so I shared your report with our engineers so we could continue to investigate.

I don’t have an exact timeline I can provide you with for when this might be fixed, but will be here to help if you notice any changes or have any other questions in the meantime.

At least it’s been acknowledged now!

Hi @littlejames,

Our team (Platform) works on our developer API and doesn’t usually work on relationship manager, so this was a good question for our support team. I’m really glad they got back to you and hope you get a fix soon! :slight_smile:

Platform Engineer