Small FYI: Enforcing HTTPS connections starting Feb 26

Hey creators and developers,

Quick announcement that we’ll be enforcing security measures to Patreon’s API starting February 26th and making sure all calls are done via HTTPS. We want to ensure the smoothest transition and support you along the way, so you have an action item:

If you use Patreon’s Official Wordpress Plugin:

Update the plugin to the latest version and you’re all set. You can do this from the “plugins” section of your WordPress admin. That’s it, you’re all set, you can ignore the rest of this post.

If you directly call our API:

All HTTP traffic will 301 redirect to HTTPS traffic, and most apps will not be affected, as most libraries follow redirects by default.

However some clients do not naturally follow redirects. This includes PHP cURL - where you have to turn it on explicitly when you build the request. You can find an example of this here. courtes of @LiraNuna

Need help? Respond right here!

Thank you - we’re looking forward to more securely protecting creators and patrons’ information!