Testing Paid Teirs

I wasn’t able to find information about how I can test the purchasing of a tier without actually paying for it. Can you provide guidance on how to do this? We are seeking to test webhook events.

You can fake an api return, or the best method - by just creating a new patron account with a different email, and pledging to yourself from a $1 tier.

I won’t pay $1 each time I have to debug/implement new code…

Nope, your $1 pledge to you is valid for a month. All the accumulating historic pledge (ie, paid $1 to your $1 tier for 5 months = $5 total historic pledge) is valid forever. So in that way, you can test historical pledge related functions as well.

Whenever you try to login via your app via that patron account, you get sent to pledge flow but not charged if you already paid $1 this month. Its how WP plugin logs in people in unified flow.