Turkey Lost Connection

Both websites paypal and other blocked Turkey. Other website doesnt send code to turkish cell Phones but acting like it is sent the code. So there is no way someone from Turkey can get money from Patreon. It is really weird Patreon can only work with 2 websites for money transfer and you dont have your own system or bank for money transfer.

I edit video games. Write books. Make videos. And make adult content. Basicly i can do everything and right now force feeding a wild baby pigeon it is very strong healthy but filled with fear, hate and sadness; however it is healthy and i can release it after it starts flying than he will join to flock and follow mimic other pigeons. So i cant use Patreon because of i born in Turkey :star_and_crescent:Contact me by 90mindblogspotcom yuno44907mailcom

Firefox cant open payoneer correctly