Updating user meta upon creation of account

Hi! I have some user meta data , specifically checkboxes, that I’d like to be set when the account is first created on the server.

Could you please tell me what function I need to filter in order to add this code? Thank you!

Edit: Also, not sure if I should make a new topic for this cause I had another question, I’d like to make a “super-user” that can bypass the criteria of having made their pledge after the date the post was made (normally, they wouldn’t be able to access it with that feature turned on), but I’m not sure how this would be implemented when it comes to the code, what could I do for this?

Check out these filters:

Login related filters would work.

Any user that has a larger historic pledge amount than the amount you put into historic pledge input would gain access to content.

Otherwise you can use another method to bypass the lock by using the filters above.

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Thank you, I was able to do what I’d like!

I do have another question now though, is it possible to connect the same Patreon to two different sites? I am trying to do this for my multisite setup but I keep getting an ParameterInvalid error when I connect the second one. I delete it and try again, but no matter which one I do first, the second one always fails.

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Yes, its possible but you have to create the client for the second one manually at below page:

Because setup wizard currently does not allow 2 connections over itself to same Patreon account.

I think you gave the wrong link haha I did do it at this one though Patreon and works like a charm, registered all 3 of my multisites to the same patreon manually. Thank you so much for your help!!

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