V2 Login not returning any information

Hello, I am having a website built with a Patreon Login as one of the login gateway and everything seemed to work fine. We were using the V2 API. After moving the website to a new server box, and moving the domain to it, the V2 API is not returning any information after logging in and returning back to our website. We created a new API token and everything was set correctly in the configs for tokens, secret id, etc. If anyone can shed some light on why this is, it would be much appreciated.

Are you sending a user agent header with your requests? On how to do that, check out PHP-lib or WP plugin.

You can also install the PHP lib on your server and use your client details to do test calls to see if they work.

Fixed the issue, it was a curl error 60. Make sure you download the latest cacert.pem and have it pointed to it in the php.ini

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