Webcomic: How do I show a "tease image" to people who haven't pledged?

For a webcomic website, I have a tease version of a bonus comic to post in the main feed intended for people who haven’t pledged, and the actual comic for people that have pledged at a certain level or higher. I’d like to show the tease version to non-pledgers because it’s a stronger call to action than the standard blocker overlay. Basically, a different version of the page for people who are patrons at a high enough level, and those that aren’t since I don’t want the pledgers to see the tease version. Is there a way to do this using the standard or pro version? From what I can tell, all I can do is block an image with that standard overlay.,

Giving out a teaser image with Pro should be possible by putting in an image into Sneak Peek section when locking a post. Then the post remains locked, sneak peak has the other unlocked image.