When does Webhook get fired?

Hey there, I’m a little on confused on when exactly does webhook get fired? I tried looking for documentation on this, but none documents this.

Does pledges:create get fired right when someone subscribes or when their card is charged?

When does pledges:update get fired? Does it occur when one of their social connection is updated?

When does pledges:delete get fired? As soon as they unsubscribe or right before Patreon try to charge the cards


A pledge is created independent of payment. There are currently no webhooks that notify when a payment has been successfully processed. Some creators may have charge upfront enabled for their campaign but that’s a beta feature used only be some creators so you cannot depend on that – and even for creators with it enabled, that’s only going to inform you that there’s been a first payment, not subsequent payments.

A pledge is considered updated when the pledge itself is changed by the user, i.e: the patron increases or decreases their amount, or opts for a different reward. A pledge is not considered updated when payment statuses change, you will not received webhooks about payment statuses.

A pledge is not deleted when payment fails. Patreon will try to charge their card again a few times, and prompt the user to update their card if it continues to fail. As far as I know, a pledge is only deleted after this process has yielded no valid card over time.

If you’re trying to determine how the Patreon system works, and how you (as a developer) can determine payment status, I recommend these 2 threads as they contain lots of helpful information from the dev team:

And if you’re looking for a PHP library that implements this information and provides helpful methods for determining payment status, you can check out my Patreon PHP library to save you reinventing the wheel :slight_smile:

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So from what I understand, pledges:create is fired as soon as someone subscribed? Similar to how Patreon gives out Discord server perks right as they subscribe?


Do you have a specific use case you’re trying to determine an implementation for? We might be able to provide more helpful guidance that way.

I’m currently using pledges:create to send new Patrons right away to my back-end to give them perks, but for some reason my back-end isn’t receiving it or it isn’t firing. The test fire button works though.

The way I usually test this is to use a second account to pledge to the first account which has webhooks. You should then see that the event is received by your backend. You can set up a requestbin URL to inspect events as well.

Tag along question: does pledges:delete get fired when a pledge gets marker as fraudulent? Does pledges:delete get fired when I block a patron?

I really wish Patreon would document this better, I have to resort to community to find this out

Tag along question: does pledges:delete get fired when a pledge gets marker as fraudulent?

When a patron is first marked as fraudulent, the pledges:delete event is not immediately triggered. However, after a certain period of time (currently 9 days), if they are not determined to be non-fraudulent, all their pledges to creators and pledges from patrons get deleted. So yes, the pledges:delete event should be fired after they are confirmed to be fraudulent.

Does pledges:delete get fired when I block a patron?

Yes. This should happen immediately

Thanks Jeffrey! Would love to have the reason for deletion added to that webhook some day. Hint hint. :wink:

A follow up question, I recently enabled upfront payment, does that mean if the charge is successfully, patreon:create would be fired? Also, if I offer Discord integration, how would I detect if they link their Discord account? Since patreon:create gets called before they can link it and patreon:update won’t get called.

I’m curious how the Patreon Discord bot work? How does it know who to give the role to, what triggers the bot?

Hey @RumbleFrog,

Nick here from the Patreon Platform team.

When you connect your Discord server to your Patreon creator page you will be given the option in your membership tiers to provide a Discord benefit and the role you want to give on Discord associated with it.

When a patron connects their Discord account to their profile or updates/modifies their membership for a tier that contains a Discord reward we will send the notification to Discord to update their user role.

I’m more interested in the backend logic of the bot, does it utilize an internal API?


Are you talking on the Discord side? It’s using Discord’s API to modify users based on the information sent from Patreon.

Do I understand correctly that you can get updates on payment events now? The v2 webhook docs says that you get them as part of the new members:update webhook. I sent a test payload using the My Webhooks console and got this in the response JSON:

 "attributes": {
      "full_name": "...",
      "is_follower": false,
      "last_charge_date": "2014-04-01T00:00:00+00:00",
      "last_charge_status": "Paid",
      "lifetime_support_cents": 12345,
      "patron_status": "active_patron",
      "pledge_amount_cents": 550,
      "pledge_cap_amount_cents": null,
      "pledge_relationship_start": "2014-03-14T00:00:00+00:00"

Does that mean I’ll get a members:update event when a payment goes through?

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Would love an answer to this as well.

No, how the Patreon bot receives the update on connection. Is it something internal in Patreon?