Wordpress App accessing gated content

One of my readers showed me a little trick.
He got the WordPress App on his phone, looked up my website, and showed me that he could access my gated content.

Images will be included with this.
I looked up my site:

It fetched posts and displayed a list of things it shouldn’t be

I clicked on the first one, a gated post:

It shouldn’t display it.
Here’s what it looks like on a browser instance.

I don’t know what this is, but I would say it is in need of your attention right now. If WordPress app users can simply bypass your plugin, then there’s an issue here.

I will add in that gated content after Nov. 27th seem to be displaying the correct content:

The plugin tries to gate content that are in RSS feeds. But if your site is made to display entire content, that could create problems like this. Also if the remote service has any caching feature or similar feature, it may keep posts which it may have indexed.

If the old posts are showing but the new ones are working properly, investigating what has changed in between those dates may provide clues. (ie, plugin changes at your site etc)