Custom HTML Not showing up. Entire post is invisible

Hi. Ive been playing with the wordpress plugin. I keep logged into my wordpress site with chrome, then test it while logged out on firefox or safari. I set a post to be only visible to users who have donated $2.

On Chrome it shows up because I am logged in as an admin. However on Safari and Firefox the post is completely invisible. I was under the impression it would show up blurred out so that new users could see the content exists, then sign up to get access. Did I miss something in the setup


Now, you say you expected it to be blurred out - is this for a post, or is this for an image inside the post?

Hi Ozgur. Im not sure what was going on. but about a half hour after I sent my message to you everything started working just fine. So strange.

Thanks for the quick reply!


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That may be a caching issue. To quote from the upcoming documentation for the plugin: