Plugin does not work

I have installed the plugin, with all of the correct passwords and codes via my profile, but when I create a post and then add a specific dollar amount required to see it, it still posts to the general public and anyone can view it. I had a friend of mine test it for me that does not even have a Patreon account, and he could view the post without a single problem.

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What is the theme you are using at your site?

Also, please make sure you did not copy/paste spaces at the start or end of any credential.

My theme is the Weekly News paid version. I’m not sure what you mean specifically, as far as copying and pasting. I did not do so on my test post.

My theme is the Weekly News paid version

Please go into your theme files in themes/ folder, and find single.php and try to confirm if a function like the_content is inside it.

I’m not sure what you mean specifically, as far as copying and pasting. I did not do so on my test post.

I meant while copy/pasting the credentials from Patreon clients page to your plugin settings.

I have it three different places:



// Content Width for Jetpack
if ( $page_sidebar_pos == ‘hide-sidebar’ ) $content_width = 1120;

get_header(); ?>

<?php get_template_part('elements/ad-top-banner'); ?> <?php if ((bool)$enable_post_info_bar) get_template_part( 'elements/post-info-bar' ); ?>
<div id="page-content" class="<?php echo esc_attr($page_sidebar_pos) .' '. e <p>or</p> </div> </div> <?php //load footer get_footer(); ?>

Here’s the last one:

<!-- end:page content -->
<?php //load footer get_footer(); ?>

Leave aside the_content() function, i dont even see any function that seems to be pulling the content.

Can you attach the file to this thread so we can see the full file? Or post it at dropbox and link it here?

What email can I share the Dropbox file with?

Nevermind. I have attached the link to the file.

This file points to loop-single.php. If you can locate that file and attach the file itself - instead of a screenshot - that would be better.

Any idea where to find that?

Its possibly in subdirectories, in template folders or some similar name. It depends on your theme’s directory structure.

The culprit probably is your theme not applying the_content filter as it should. Thats what you need to confirm. If you wish, you can directly contact your theme’s support and ask them, if thats a premium theme and you have tech support.

My theme had that issue and for some bonkers reason the theme developers didn’t even know how to get around it. Makes sense that this plugin uses the_content. Doesn’t make sense the theme doesn’t or can’t make it be displayed that way. Frustrating as both this and Paid Memberships Pro are useless as a result.

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To be honest, the_content is a fundamental WordPress filter, and its almost critical for many WP operations, including plugins. A theme developer not applying it is quite prohibitive.

Beyond Patreon WordPress, you have to have that filter being applied no matter what.

Any WP admin can fix that in the code, but it would be overwritten if they update your theme. You may avoid updating your theme and this may allow it to work for a long time, however for security reasons you may eventually need to update your theme.

Best, would be to move to a theme that does things properly.

@jointcustodyprod - I believe we fixed your issue and Patreon WordPress should be working already?

Hey! You’re right it should be in the theme. In the case of the one I’m using it does use the_content for anything built in the Wordpress editor (and Patreon works then) but they have a page builder whose content doesn’t render that way (on which Patreon doesn’t work).

It was never resolved unfortunately. But that’s not your fault - your plugin works the way it should. Unfortunately even the theme builders couldn’t figure out how to get page builder content to filter through and appear as if it were the_content. They aren’t the only theme that has these kinds of problems. Apart from this issue I like the theme so won’t be changing it.

The closest thing I was able to do was build the page builder, copy its source code once the user facing page loaded, and then paste that source code into the html tab of the Wordpress editor for that same page, and then off page builder. Both Patreon and PMP block it then, however, it doesn’t render as nicely when it loads this way. Plus it’s really time prohibitive.

Again it’s not your problem so I haven’t kept on it. Did not intend to imply this was something you guys didn’t do or did wrong. Unfortunately the theme folks don’t seem interested in the matter so I don’t know as they’ll even develop a way to utilize the_content for page builder stuff even though most content blocking plugins of any worth will do exactly what yours does.

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Ah yeah, that case.

$content = apply_filters(‘the_content’,$content);

simply should do it, applied by whatever that page builder uses to pull the content. It should be pretty simple.

If you would consider any alternative, many WP themes’ visuals can pretty neatly be recreated by using other themes. After all, most are a major landing page, then the inner pages are pretty much the same template.

Generatepress is one of the consistently praised ones for everything, especially noted for its speed, which is a major factor in search ranking and user friendliness. It has a never seen before 638 5 star ratings, and a very happy user crowd.

The free version works great by itself, however premium version pretty much enables many site formats by just importing them.

What’s most important that the theme sticks to WP specs and methods pretty tightly. Another point of admiration by its crowd is how it integrates WP’s customizer that makes so easy to modify the theme from WP admin to maximum extent.

If you combine this with a page builder like visual composer (now visual bakery i think) you could reproduce any theme visuals you prefer.

Thanks for the info!

Where would I likely apply that code string you shared again?

Ender Bowen
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That would require some coding skills and investigation.

If that page builder is circumventing the_content, it means that it has its own code to pull the post out and then print. That function inside whatever template they are using is the one that needs to be changed.

Your theme support should be able to tell you where.

Okay thank you!!

Ender Bowen
CEO Joint Custody Productions LLC // 615 944 7553

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This does not seem to work with any Page Builder even when the_content is in use. Page builders are popular and I have tried more than one such as WPBakery, Elementor and it is the same result. The ‘Unlock with Patreon’ button shows after the content built.