Acces readonly data without OAuth

Hi there,

I was looking through the documentation hoping to be able to gather readonly data from an API endpoint. But either I can’t find it or it didn’t exists yet.

For example, why would I need to set-up an API key, install the API library and go through the OAuth flow if I just want to get the number of patron of any creator ?
I was expecting something like:

    "name": "GMartigny",
    "presentation": ""
    "patrons": X,
    "earn": X,
    "goals": [],
    "tiers": [],

I’m of course only talking about reading informations from Patreon like it’s possible to do by browsing the page unauthentified.


This is also something I’m looking for. I’d like to implement a Patreon badge for my Github project’s README including the number of patrons I have, but there seems to be no way to get this information without authentication.

Edit: I submitted a feature request to the badges/shields repository, which is blocked on Patreon providing an unauthenticated method for getting read-only creator information.

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Hey George and Guillaume,

Thank you for writing in. We are constantly updating features for our API, and we will consider this for the upcoming API roadmap.

Thanks again,

Rick, on behalf of the Patreon platform team

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Hey, has there been any update on this? Is the roadmap public in any capacity?

I would also love to see this.