After installing Patreon plugin, I get error message and cannot access any pages in my backend

I installed the Patreon plugin on my Wordpress site and now I cannot access any pages inside my backend.

I get this error message:
Fatal error: Call to undefined function wp_add_privacy_policy_content() in /home4/j0d1tt/public_html/ on line 588

Please help!

Your WP installation is an old version that is before WordPress released the GDPR feature. You must update your WP version.

It will not let me because I get that same error message whenever I try to update WordPress.

You can deactivate the existing plugin by renaming the plugin directory with ftp - ie, from patreon-connect to patreon-connect1. This will deactivate it.

Then you can update your WP, and then rename back the directory, and reactivate the plugin.

Is this the right folder to look in?

It shows my other plugins in that folder, but not the Patreon plugin.

Yes, right folder. Should be named patreon-connect