API Bug in Patreon: Connecting with ConvertKit

This year I had set up an automation sequence on ConvertKit to personally greet my new patreons by name.
This service had greeted only 3 patrons until Patreon stopped forwarding the new patrons to ConvertKit.
ConvertKit’s service who said the problem was with Patreon. My sequence is without error only Patreon prevents The support on ConvertKit told me that the problem is on the side of Patreon:
The integration with Patreon should push the information through API so that the subscribers can arrive in my ConvertKit list. But that doesn’t work.
Anyone can help me with this bug?
I already had contacted Patreon Support - but they said they can’t help me with API issues or questions surrounding integrations that pull from our API. This forum should be the right place to find a developer on this issue.
Thank you and happy new year, Julie

Hi Julie, welcome!

I just learned about what ConvertKit is. It seems pretty cool - a neat way to automate nurture campaigns for your patrons.

Are you using this integration? Patreon integration | ConvertKit Help Center

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yes this is the integration, I love Convertkit- people write me back so often because the messages are much more personal with names.
But unfortunately this plugin doesn’t work in Patreon because it doesn’t send the new Patreons to ConvertKit.
After 3 of my new patrons were forwarded, everything broke and no one gets my personal welcome sequence.
That’s why I posted this bug here, because Patreon should only offer such an integration if it works. Unfortunately, it no longer works for me

I imagine that is frustrating.

The integration was written by ConvertKit themselves, but it calls the Patreon API. So, I can see why you’re in the middle of a rock and a hard place when it comes to getting support. I would expect ConvertKit would support this integration since they wrote it.

I am just a software person without affiliation with either company. :smiley:

Here’s what I would do first – disable the integration in ConvertKit and then re-enable it. That will refresh your authorization tokens, which I think is what might be broken.

They should really be able to tell you what errors are being returned since I imagine that they are in their logs. Did they not give you any basic troubleshooting steps?

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If you can, try disconnecting and reconnecting your Patreon to convertkit.

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thank you dear for your help.
I didnt saw it is from ConverKit. So it is even more strange they don’t support when there is a bug.
So I will follow your hint and do so today! Best, Julie

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okay thank you for your hint! It finally works! best Julie

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