Attachments not attaching after publishing

Hi, I’ve been trying to upload a High Res illustration file for the past few days, I’ve done this successfully several times before but now when I attach a High Res file it doesn’t go up. I’ve tried larger and smaller resolutions, changing from CMYK to RGB, JPG to TIFF, only the smallest JPG will load up but I get a green check mark for everything that won’t load…

I normally attach no more than 2 files, not usually exceeding 40MB in total, In the image below I show how I attached several files(I have a second image that your forum won’t let me post because I’m a “New user” which is dumb) that shows only the smallest file WWLR_001.jpg uploaded. Very frustrated at this point and I figure I’m doing something really dumb and missing it.

Here’s the second image showing that only one file uploaded.

Hey @MortalEnemy

Nick here from the Patreon platform team.

I’d recommend reaching out to the Patreon Community Happiness team for assistance with this as these forums are more geared towards Developer and API support.

They can be contacted at