Become a Patron button directing to a tier


I don’t know how to customize the Become a Patron button at the bottom of the page. Right now it directs to the Patreon checkout for a $5 tier, which is not the lowest tier.

(BTW the show/hide tier option doesn’t work there but that’s another story)

What I would like to do is to direct users to the first step where they can choose the tier and read tier description, i.e. here: All in all, my idea is to use it as a “sign up” button.

Please remove the link you added since it includes sensitive information. You can dm it to me via the forum.

Which plugins are you using at your site? Become a Patron should come from Patron Button and Widgets Plugin as far as i can tell.

I got all 3 patreon plugins. However, this button settings are available in the Pro plugin under the Post Button tab.

BTW if the link includes sensitive information why isn’t it masked somehow? I mean anyone can get it from my site

Now its clear - to do what you want to do, you can just turn off “Put users directly to Patron pipeline” option. You can use documentation page below:

The link is not that sensitive to be present at your site, but its better to not post it around. But its a good idea - it should be masked. I’ll look into that for future releases of Pro.

Getting back to the core of the issue. What I want to implement is a “sign up” button that will send my users to this step in the checkout: and then after choosing tier and a successful pledge redirect them to my website (and preferably log in using Patreon account).

It seem that none of the available Patreon plugin features (including the Pro version) allows that. Because I can either send people to the checkout with a selected tier and after a successful pledge redirect them to my site or turn off “Put users directly to Patron pipeline” which will result in a button which is just a link to my patreon site.

The question is whether it is possible to create a logic which I described aboce with Patreon API and if such feature is in plans for the WP plugin :slight_smile:

Such a logic is of course possible through custom coding. However it is not coded in any of the plugins yet.

The thing is that the only location at that will return your visitor to your site is the one with the pledge flow. If sending user to your general join page at Patreon was coded into plugin logic, it still could not happen without actually returning the user to your site.

So it must be coded to Patreon endpoint at Patreon. As far as i know, no plan for doing that is present.

Ok, got it. Thanks for the information

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