Blocked by WordPress Login


I have a separate website from my Patreon page that offers backers-only content. Unfortunately, when they try to log in using patreon, all they get is the WordPress login rather than the content. Did I screw up my config somehow?


Hi, we have the same issue - basically if your Patreon sign ups are existing Wordpress members and already exist in your database then WP will request they sign in via Wordpress Login as well. To get around this we actually delete their Wordpress user accounts (this works for us as we only allow login via Patreon) - not the best solution as you lose valuable member data that could be used for mail outs etc, but it does prevent the problem. I suppose you could tell Patreon sign ups that they need to sign in using their WP logins again when the WP login appears, but it’s a bit clumsy I guess.

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Thanks for the quick reply. May I ask how you go about deleting their ŴP account?

Hi, we just delete them in users when they complain, not ideal. Most use their WP sign in when prompted but I agree this is a pain to have two logins to get on your site. If anyone else has a solution would be great to hear.

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Yes, its a security measure - if existing accounts have the same email with their Patreon email and their Patreon email is not verified, they wont be connected and logged in. If email is verified, yes. If there is no account with same email, a new account would be created.