Breakdance Builder Conflict with Patreon WordPress and Patron Plugin Pro

I am using Breakdance builder ( for my website and whenever I activate either the free Patreon Wordpress plugin or Patron Plugin Pro I can no longer save any pages in my builder. I suddenly get internal server errors. I’ve definitely isolated the issue to the Patreon plugins, everything works as expected until I activate one of them.

I have submitted a ticket to both the Breakdance team and Codebard but I’m wondering if anyone has tips for where to start with troubleshooting the issue? Or if anyone has run into a similar issue with other page builders like Elementor or Divi?

As noted in the Codebard ticket, this is something must be checked at Breakdance site by identifying the exact error.

As far as I know there are no current issues with Elementor or Divi.

In case anyone else is dealing with this issue in the future I haven’t quite found the fix yet. However, I’m working with Breakdance support we’ve discovered that having Rankmath and either the free or premium Patreon plugins activated simultaneously seems to be the trigger for the errors. Will update if I get it resolved.