Bulk Tier Editing for Patreon / Wordpress

Hey, guys! Been working off the basic Patreon / Wordpress plugin building a site for a while now – I wanted to see if the Pro Plugin would potentially make it possible to bulk edit the Patreon tier for posts (as, unfortunately, all posts that have been transfered defaulted to $1 instead of their respective tiers on Patreon).

I have literally thousands of posts to update, so a means of bulk / batch editing tier accessibility for the posts would be an ENORMOUS help!

Any & all info would be appreciated. Thank you!!

The plugins yet have not been updated to use the new tiers filed that the API provides for posts. Until then, you will need to do it manually.

Alternatively, you can use a plugin that modifies post meta to mass-edit the patreon-level meta for those posts to whatever $ value you want. (or use the db to do it)