Wordpress Bulk Edit Tier Pledge

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I have been toying around with the wordpress plugin and come to realise that, by design when syncing posts from Patreon to my site, all posts have the wrong tier assigned, defaulting to the minimum tier / 1dollar min setting. I’m correct to assume that is normal, right? (I read its gotta do with Patreon’s API current limitations).

This brings me to bulk editing the posts by category and then assign the right tier level at once, to save time. Im not a developer but it seems that some plugins might allow to add custom meta in their own post management, and i can find the Patreon-level meta, but it doesnt seem to show me more options where the dropdown options reside.

So basically, how can i bulk edit a bunch of posts at once to re-assign the right category ?

Thanks for your help,

Sammy (ps using the regular free Patreon wordpress plugin)

(I read its gotta do with Patreon’s API current limitations).

Yes, api does not provide the tier for a synced post yet. So we have to just set it to $1 or whatever local currency.

Any bulk editing plugin would allow you to assign posts to any category. A bulk meta editor could allow you to edit the post $ level as well. The meta for that is patreon-level.

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Thank you very much. I use the free WPBE bulk editor for this, it’s awesome.

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