Campaign Endpoint Bugs

I’ve noticed some bugs with the campaign end point:

  1. Vanity does not get updated when its changed on Patreon.
  2. image_url is the same as image_small_url

@codebard Is this something we could get fixed? Appreciate it!

They may be the same if the image is too small to make a different size small image. Try to confirm if they are still the same if the two images greatly vary in size. (original image should be big)

Did vanity change after some time or is it still showing the old vanity?

Re: image_url. So the image_url (the bigger photo) ends up showing as both the image_url and the image_small_url. Basically, I can’t figure out how to get the url for the round profile image for the campaign endpoint. It works as expected for the user endpoint.

Vanity is still the same old vanity after 5 days.

Thank you codebard as always!

@codebard Any chance you’ve been able to look at this? Thanks!

Not yet, I’ll let you know in a week or so.

Sweet. Thanks! Appreciate you.