Can't select a tier

Hi, yesterday I was doing a post on my Patreon exclusive to my highest tier, but when I went to unmark the rest of the tiers it doesn’t allow me to do it.

  • I have a pro membership
  • I work on my desktop
  • I don’t know how to update or see the version that I have
  • I don’t use the Patreon App

You were posting to Patreon at, right? Not from your WordPress site?

Yeah, I didn’t even knew what WordPress was…

Then its related to website. I think its already fixed.

It’s not fixed at all. But anyway, that means that the only thing I can do is wait just because is a website problem?
Do you know how can I contact the developers of the website? Because I went to the “Contact Us” page of Patreon and the “customer support team” and didn’t help at all because my problem wasn’t registered…

I believe for such inquiries Patreon Zendesk is the correct place: