Charge Up Front Clarity

Really need to figure things out before I might end up experiencing some customer confusion:

I really want to have access to Charging Up Front, and it seems like it has been a hot topic for 2 years and was being integrated since December… I wonder if it is released to the public?

In December, a blog mentions that we’re leaning to the traditional way of subscribing, which will have an interval based on their initial investment time [If they arrived in December 8th, they’ll be charged again on January 8th]. I like it because it’s simple and gives my audience immediate information for what they pay for. Reducing the potential factor having dropped subscribers.

I just need to know if it’s already integrated or do I need a to reach a certain number of patrons to be noticed to have it in my arsenal?

The functionality is only available to a handful of creators right now. Not completely sure why, but I guess it belongs to the long list of things that are still in “beta”.

Ouch. This isn’t good.
It might fall out of favor for not being able to see anything for those who apply near halfway to the end of the month…