Checking Patreon level while using Direct Unlocks

Hi everyone,

I am successfully locking specific parts of my theme code using the method outlined here:

However, that demo uses $7 as an example Patreon level that must be met to ‘unlock’ the content. How can I check the “Patreon Level” that is set for each individual post (via the metabox that the plugin adds to the Wordpress editor) rather than being stuck with a hardcoded $7 unlock?


  • Get all posts
  • Loop through all posts
  • For each: check the Patreon Level that has been set via the plugin’s metabox
  • Run custom locking code using the specific Patreon Level for each post to decide whether locked or not (rather than the hardcoded $7)

Thanks for any help!


For a single post:

  • Just get the current single post id.
  • Get patreon-level meta’s value for that post id
  • Use that patreon-level meta value for lock $ amount instead of 7

That should do it for single posts.

Thanks for this, I guess that’s my question… is there documentation of all the meta values the free plugin adds anywhere? I couldn’t seem to find the proper meta value to call?!

"patreon-level’ is the meta name as i mentioned in my earlier post, sorry.

We have hook and filter and function documentation, however we dont have one that lists metas yet.

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