Patreon Level / Precise Amount clash

I’m at a loss. All I want to do is lock one post a month so that only my Patreon supporters and a few manually assigned Wordpress roles can see it for the first seven days. I’m even happy to manually make the post public on the 7th day. I just want the first part to work as expected.

I have a demo account which I just paid to my own Patreon to test with, and for some unknown reason your plugin is refusing to allow that account to see the post. Even though the metadata from your plugin is providing correct information to our account page…

I tried setting the required value to $0.00 but this either doesn’t work at all, or temporarily works for a few hours and then somehow gets set back to $0.01 again.

Try to make sure that caching does not intervene in the unlocking process. Caching issues can stem from your site’s caching plugin being too aggressive and caching pages for logged in users, your host’s server side caching doing the same, a CDN interference or even your patron’s ISP (especially mobile providers) aggressively caching requests.